Psychological First Aid (PFA) 1:Awareness Training


Crisis events have physical, social and emotional consequences for those affected particularly if the client’s underlying support systems are broken or missing. The resulting stress can render a client less capable of helping themselves as well as being less able to take advantage of community services. Modelled on the World Health Organisation’s training, this class makes volunteers, who are not mental health workers, aware of the implications of the client’s emotional state and the resulting impact on their volunteer assignments.


Create and understanding and situational awareness of:
1. What is meant by PFA and what is not
2. The need for PFA and how it is useful
3. How PFA makes you a more effective volunteer,
4. How to recognise and apply basic PFA in typical service delivery / client encounters
5. How to use PFA to better understand your own and your teammates’ response to typical service delivery / client encounters


New or experienced volunteers in client facing roles


3 Hours



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